Saturday, February 25, 2012

11 Months!

It has been 11 Months since I posted here. My monsters are an entire year older! I survived the entire year of all 3 monsters in school full-time. We experienced our 1st earthquake. Right here in VIRGINIA! We have traveled to Hawaii & Seattle.

A year. An entire year. I cannot believe that I have missed documenting all those moments. The good & bads of school. The ups & downs of their little monster lives:( It is time to set aside 30 mins each day to meditate & blog about my monsters.

Canʻt wait to get back to documenting our lives. I will start with Declanʻs last origami class tomorrow! That should make a fun post!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sheʻs 6!!!!

I honestly cannot believe that my "baby girl" is 6 years old today! It seems like just yesterday that she came into our family!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Life With PePe!

This is Killi's (our) new puppy, PePe.

He was Killian's birthday present this year. He is a Havanese and will only grow to be about 12lbs.

PePe has been with us now for just over a month and things are going fairly well. House-breaking is not so bad and the fact that he is small and can be put in the pack-n-play to sleep or for a time-out is good. Gus adjusted wonderfully to him and seems to enjoy having a playmate, even if he is 130 lbs smaller:) PePe uses Gus as his step-stool and often as a bed:) And after a really tough first two-weeks, PePe has even come around to the very children he was intended for:)

I'm not going to lie, two-weeks into PePe, I was not sure this was going to work. He HATED the monsters and they had gotten sick of having a new puppy that they could NEVER touch without being attacked:) Now, he rarely snarls at them and they have gotten much better about letting him be a DOG and not a toy to be carried all the time.

But, as is usually the case, PePe has been added to my "chore list". I feed him, I clean-up after him, I get up in the morning with him and I bathe & dress him (He is tiny.He needs a sweater to go out:) With this care also means that PePe sleeps in his pack-n-play at the end of my bed. Well, tonight the girls thought it was about time that PePe move into their room, so I happily gave it a try. It lasted about 15, VERY LONG, VERY BARKY, mins!!!! But I say and wait. Waited for them to come BEG me to take PePe back. So, of course I did and they have decided that maybe it is best if PePe just stays in my room until he is 12 or so and he can just visit them in their room:)

It is nice to have my puppy back, quiet as I tuck into bed tonight:)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!!

The Monsters on Christmas Morning at the in-laws!

A Christmas picture is just as good as any other to begin this post since I have not posted here since about Halloween:)

We have had a busy few months around here. Foolishly, I thought having all three monsters in school all day-five days a week was going to open some time up for me. That has not been the case, someone always has something happening to keep me busy!

The monsters are progressing in school and some days are better than others for all of us:) I still have many days that I'd like to just lock the door and keep them all home with me so that I am the only CRAZY influence in their lives.

They are growing-up quickly...too quickly. I am now the mother of a 5, 8 & 9 year old, seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant, not 10 years ago!!! I wish there was a way to slow time down, as cheesy as it sounds, it is the one thing I wish I understood and took more advantage of when I was younger. Now there is little free-time, life just keeps happening!!!

I no longer have babies, not even toddlers, now I only have kids. One of which is trying to jump into double digits on his next birthday!!!! Oh how I need to make more time, learn to enjoy and live better in the moment. I guess that should be my goal for the coming year, reclaim my family before they are grown-ups:)

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's That Time Again

Parent-Teacher Conferences are tomorrow. It will be the first time we are going in for all three monsters. And while we are not expecting any surprises, it always unnerves me to sit and listen to someone else tell me about my children:)

It does feel alittle different this year though. I feel calm, and excited to hear what the teachers have to say. For the first time since school began for my sweet Killi, I feel like we have the right teacher and the perfect team to support her and I am hopeful that the conference will support that. As for Declan and Marg, I just hope to hear that they are working to their fullest potential, okay and I admit that I am wondering if Marg scored higher or lower on her kindergarten eval than Declan did:) So much excitement:)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!!

We made it a whole block this year trick-or-treating:) After just three houses Killian did ask her father why we needed to go to other peoples houses for candy when we have some at home:)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not Really Feeling It.

I am having a very difficult time embracing the new school year. It has nothing to do with the teachers or staff because once the kinks of a new school year were worked out they have been great. I am just not feelin' it. What I think is getting me is the homework and the schedule, I am not really a fan of either. I mean I do get the schedule thing, I know that it is not possible for 700 kids to just come and go as they please from school, but the homework thing I don't get. I feel that the kids are in school for 6.5 hours a day and only awake for a total of about 12 so figure out a way to get the work done at school. If they need extra practice, find time in class, cut 10 mins off lunch:) just don't send the work home. They are kids, elementary school kids, they deserve to have the 4 hours between school and bed free for fun and relaxing activities.

I will say that the monsters seem to be enjoying themselves. They enjoy their classmates and their teachers and aside from Marge coming home VERY tired, I have very few issues. No crying from the Killi monster and Declan has never been so happy to go to school. I think I will just be thank that everyone is willing and able to go to school everyday and stop complaining about the schedule and homework:) I just hope the year continues on this path!