Saturday, February 25, 2012

11 Months!

It has been 11 Months since I posted here. My monsters are an entire year older! I survived the entire year of all 3 monsters in school full-time. We experienced our 1st earthquake. Right here in VIRGINIA! We have traveled to Hawaii & Seattle.

A year. An entire year. I cannot believe that I have missed documenting all those moments. The good & bads of school. The ups & downs of their little monster lives:( It is time to set aside 30 mins each day to meditate & blog about my monsters.

Canʻt wait to get back to documenting our lives. I will start with Declanʻs last origami class tomorrow! That should make a fun post!

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Kim B said...

Welcome back. I just started blogging February, didn't realize how relaxing it is!